About IDAJ

CAE including CFD is now considered as one of the core technologies in the digital engineering process, which is able to enhance product competitiveness for almost all industries from automotive to electronics, power generation and constructions; the CAE/CFD technologies are used as part of the digital engineering approach by being incorporated into daily product development and design processes. Despite the differences in the industrial fields, an ideal solution for the digital engineering process sought by customers is to use digital virtual model effectively and seamlessly based on 3D CAD (three-dimensional Computer-Aided Design) from upstream design phases, including conceptual planning and designing, through downstream phases, including detailed design for geometry determination, layout evaluation, performance assessment involving all CAE/CFD technologies from FE to NVH, multi-body dynamics, thermal fluid, manufacturing quality control and product maintenance. For this purpose, the following three aspects are important with CAE/CFD applications;

  • All CAE technologies such as FE, NVH, multi-body dynamics, thermal fluid, acoustic or even electromagnetic field, is no longer a single discipline respectively, they need to be used in an integrated approach in order to better represent the product physics and behavior.
  • Higher accuracy, fidelity, computing speed is required and needs to be further improved.
  • CAE technology needs to be seamlessly embedded into the design process.

IDAJ aims to challenge these aspects and provide the best solution to our customers, by offering comprehensive digital solution technologies that rely on multiple discipline CAE approach as the core competence.